Nov 062011
  • It's 7:30am and #OccupySeattle are tidying up SCCC grounds in anticipation of Broadway Sunday Farmers Market load-in. #
  • #OccupySeattle received donation of nearly 100 pumpkins yesterday for today's jack-o-lantern carving. Westlake Park 10/30 2pm, lighting at 6 #
  • Things appear to be going smoothly w/ #OccupySeattle & farmers market. Saw SCCC pres Kilpatrick on the crowded sidewalk. 11:45a Sun #
  • One car with two police parked in middle of Westlake Park with engine running. Guarding the pumpkins? 12p Sun #OccupySeattle #
  • Where are the #OccupySeattle people? Five families and the Seattle Times are at Westlake Park carving pumpkins. SCCC is for overnight, no? #
  • News media will be @ Westlake 6pm. Would be nice if those loafing @ SCCC would come participate. Outreach @ Westlake daily? #occupyseattle #
  • SPD paddywagon parked on Pine next to Westlake Park waiting for all these dangersous pumpkin carvers. 4:45p Sun #occupyseattle #
  • RT @ioerror: My op-ed about my last detainment in Iceland is up on Boing Boing: #tsa #usa #iceland #security #
  • Good news: RT @OldCrazyRay: Federal judge orders TN to stop arresting #OccupyNashville protesters. (THIS IS VERY GOOD) #
  • I fear #OccupySeattle will lose support if we don't tone down the anti-capitalism, anti-police, and decolonization rhetoric. #OWS #
  • See comments for examples of what I meant about anti-capitalism, anti-police, decolonization in #OccupySeattle & #OWS #
  • I fear people come to help complain about bank bailouts, hear "let's start a new society" talk, leave thinking #OccupySeattle are nuts. #
  • RT @jseattle: Excellent pictures from @joshtrujillo of today's #OccupySeattle SPD clash #
  • I'm in Sheraton lobby. Police outside. Staff patrolling inside frequently. Long line of suits awaiting Dimon talk. 6:00p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • People on second floor at Sheraton not paying much attention to protestors. Nice view though. 6:30p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • Everyone by the 2nd floor windows but me has moved on. Good spot. Now what? 6:40p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • People up here guessing 300. In crowd. I count 300 halfway across, so looks like closer to 600 total. 6:45p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • "Is that supposed to make us feel bad, that we make tons of money?" giggles woman next to me about protest sign. 6:46p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • MC is asking people to take their seats now. Protest seems to be moving on. Good timing. 6:53p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • Cop up here saw a typo on sign, said "definitely a 99 percenter there." 6:55p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • Doc asked from crowd if we can hear protestors up here. Near windows could hear muffled. People who didn't walk over couldn't #occupyseattle #
  • Staff predicting Dimon event to finish 15min early, considering making announcement to guests about protest outside 7:28p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • Cops opened a hole in their barricade, made a bulge into the street, blocking traffic. 7:43p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • I'm looking down at 5 cops in riot gear at Sheraton vehicle exit across from WA Athletic Club garage entrance. 7:50p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • Riot police were only down there a few minutes. Didn't see where they went. 30 others still here. 8:13p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • Wait, actually, police have doubled to 60. Less than half are bike cops now. 8:16p Wed #occupyseattle #
  • Police moving in on protesters at Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland, using tear gas and flash grenades. Live: Nov 3 1am #OWS #
  • My second-by-sec analysis of video of 10/2 Chase protest. Cops peppersprayed peaceful unarmed #OccupySeattle protesters #
  • Stern cop upper right in @JoshTrulillo's photo looks like peppersprayer @ 13:40 in #occupyseattle #
  • Nice work: people notice Oakland police officer hiding his name badge, notify supervisor, who uncovers it #
  • 1st-person view of Seattle Police pepper spraying #OccupySeattle No indication of danger; people & cops milling around #
  • Big Bank Transfer Day event at Westlake Park & once again 90% of #OccupySeattle campers won't move 8 blocks down the street. 12:40p Sat #
  • #OccupySeatle march w about 90 people dropped people at a couple credit unions to sign up, headed for 3rd. 1:15p Sat #
  • Watermark Credit Union is closed. Oops. #OccupySeattle march headed to drop coffins w shredded statements & ATM cards at big banks 1:30p Sat #
  • #OccupySeattle marchers sitting in middle of 5th & Pine talking about banks and credit unions. 1:45p Sat #
  • #OccupySeattle demonstators left street to join ongoing National Bank Transfer Day program at Westlake Park. 2:05p Sat #

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