Dec 112011
  • It's hard to keep up with developments in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Good weekend round-up by @GregMitch: #ows #
  • More peaceful demonstration met with more police violence in Portland Saturday night: #ows #
  • Attended #OccupySeattle WG meeting today. Much talk about when to bail people out of jail. I floated idea of establishing a bonding agency. #
  • Police just brought in an armored vehicle to use against peaceful demonstrators at #OccupyDC 3:25p Pacific Watch live: #
  • You didn't call him more organized than others, but a member of OS leadership, which is false. #
  • Police just brought out a pepper-ball gun for peaceful #OccupyDC protesters engaging in civil disobedience. 4:30p #
  • RT @NewApproachWA: Federally funded drug task force WestNET targets low-level crimes and produces mediocre results: #
  • SCCC English prof shreds college's dishonest anti-#OccupySeattle "rodents, needles, and feces" PR campaign #
  • Really: If you're following developments with the #OccupySeattle 24/7 demonstration at SCCC, you must read: #
  • US Dept of War provided >$500 million of free military gear to police departments this year. Frightening. /via @gamamb #
  • I thought it was time for #OccupySeattle to move on from SCCC, but college's dishonest "emergency" action makes me want to fight to stay. #
  • Clearly there's no emergency at SCCC, but they invoked rule that allows process-free emgcy rule-making. Shame on Killpatrick. #occupyseattle #
  • Right on: #OccupySeattle going to federal court over state police unilaterally banning protesters from state Capitol #
  • Just spoke with Evan Hoover of KPLU-FM, who called me to ask about the impending eviction of #OccupySeattle from the Seattle Central campus. #
  • Hurray! Judge issued temp restraining order against WSP over trespass notices used to silence protesters at WA Capitol #
  • Diversion program to clean up street drug sales in Belltown hampered by police assignment to harassing #OccupySeattle #
  • I really like @joeszi's simple suggestions for commanding police accountability in Seattle: Public initiative, anyone? #
  • Occupy is ineffective, huh? I've heard *four* separate stories about #OWS & economic inequality on NPR's Morning Edition today. #
  • Something is fishy about the messaging surrounding SCCC's potential "eviction" of #OccupySeattle activists from campus: #
  • Seattle press, inc @ciennam and @katherinelong, are glossing over missing details from SCCC's #OccupySeattle "eviction" #
  • First-hand account of LAPD cops torturing peaceful #OccupyLA protesters & trashing camp #ows /via @lisarein #
  • US House voted 406-17 to keep #NDAA (indefinite military detention bill) conference cmte closed to public /via @kaepora #
  • Sign #OCCUPIED amendment petition to ban corporate $$ from politics #ows via @WAPirateParty #
  • Calm scene at SCCC. Quasi-general-assembly happening. Maybe 70 #OccupySeattle people on campus. 7:50p Fri #
  • Came to drop off backpacks for medics from storage. Ran into many of my #occupyseattle friends and a great 1am demo of blockade techniques. #
  • What is this "top people" crap? Search for #OccupyBoston re: this morning's raid & Twitter shoves no-tweets-since-March @OccupyBoston at me. #
  • Tasted some delicious Chinese BBQ pork Sonya's making for 3:30pm #OccupySeattle Community Potluck for Port Solidarity #
  • Well-done TV news report: RT @OneAngryQueer: KOMO ran the interview I gave about #occupyseattle last night: #
  • At a meeting of #OccupySeattle Get Money Out of Politics workgroup. Capitol Hill public library 2nd flr, 2-4pm Dec 10. 35 people here. #gmop #
  • Wow. Rep from US Marshal's Office here. Invited to help pave the way for the US Courts occupation to come in late Jan. #occupyseattle #gmop #
  • In November alone, local voters in CO, MT, MN, WI, and CA, passed various resolutions banning corporate personhood. #occupyseattle #gmop #
  • Courtney Wood, US Marshall, says Jan 20-21 demonstrations can only be outside the federal courthouse, not inside. #occupyseattle #gmop #
  • Mr. Wood says Marshals are preparing for attempts to occupy courthouse interior during Occupy the Courts Jan 20-21 #occupyseattle #gmop #
  • Asked about minor federal offenses people might commit at demonstration, Wood says, "blocking access to fed courthouse" #occupyseattle #gmop #
  • People at this meeting seem not to know that at #OWS demonstrations, police don't typically arrest, but assault. #occupyseattle #gmop #

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