May 272012
  • RT @Timcast: 4th person arrested on terror charges in Chicago #NATO #noNATO #
  • RT @Lukewearechange: NBC story about our detainment #
  • Busloads of police arriving in downtown Chicago, snowplows lined up as barricades. @timcast's live video: #NoNATO 12:50 #
  • Report of last night's hit-and-run by Chicago Police and CPD/DHS detention of journalists #NoNATO #
  • RT @xeni: All live indie video streams of today's #noNATO #oCHi protest in 1 @boingboing post. (LMK if I missed anyone) #
  • In support of Black Bloc protest tactics: /ht joshhaglund #
  • The #NoNATO veterans march in Chicago is lined with angry-looking people with sticks, dressed identically in black, faces covered #
  • Frustrating to hear police say "to avoid arrest, go west". Tell people it's unlawful to stand still or go east if that's the case. #NoNATO #
  • Chicago police are now pushing into crowd and beating demonstrators. 5pm Central. Live streams: #
  • Eyewitness report from @timcast that police have deployed LRAD (noise pain device). I can hear its warnings. 5:10p Michigan & Surmac #NoNATO #
  • Police PA: "This is the Chicago Police. You must disperse to the west." Demonstrators: "How? You're in the way." https;// #NoNATO #
  • Ridiculous that "failure to disperse" results in punishment. One person cannot disperse, should not be punished for actions of people nearby #
  • There's a big conference in Chicago about war, and many thousands of people traveled there to express displeasure. Is this news? #
  • Police beating #NoNATO demonstrators on 3 big papers' front pgs /via @jeffrae #
  • Lead-up to CHI cop throwing that punch. #NoNATO demonstrators cracked stick over other cop's head: /via @RepDan_Gordon #
  • Indie journo CHI cops raided: RT @Timcast: Going on the Big Picture with @Thom_Hartmann shortly. Show airs tonight. #NATO #noNATO #
  • Occupy Wall Street Library Sues New York City, NYPD For Destroying 2,800 Books #

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