Feb 062011

My blog has been offline for more than five years.  Why?  No good reason.  It fizzled out, then choosing domain names, URI structure (Cool URIs don’t change), and WordPress themes bogged me down when I tried half-heartedly to get it restarted.

Over the past couple years, I’ve occasionally dropped a topic, sometimes with a few related notes, in a “blogthis” directory.  Those include:

  • Debian package for django-filebrowser
  • Packaging Django applications
  • Deploying Django applications to Apache
  • Python ISBN module
  • E-mail filtering with Sieve
  • Mutt and IMAP
  • Drupal
  • Mutt and LDAP
  • Drupal-Mediawiki integration
  • Moved from personal e-mail hosting to Fastmail
  • Django South setup
  • Dreamhost Django setup
  • 3Ware RAID IRQ conflict after upgrade to Ubuntu Lucid
  • MogileFS
  • Gearman
  • Silver Lining for cloud computing
  • Django on Rackspace
  • HTML metadata for Facebook
  • Compiling rtorrent for Debian Lenny
  • OpenWRT NAT reflection

Maybe I’ll get back to those some day.

It’s ridiculous that the closest thing to a home page to which I’ve been able to direct people in recent years is my Twitter page (@pmocek).  I’m all over the Web, yet I’m sort of invisible.

No more.

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