Jul 082012
  • Seems @SeattlePD are using their anemic internal investigations process to shield themselves from public investigations http://t.co/zjOOIbVA #
  • MT @aaronsw: I've set up a new Tumblr for downtime incident postmortems, complete with the latest update from AWS: http://t.co/FjbOo390 #
  • More good reporting by Brendan Kiley on drug prohibition violence in Mexico. Goodbye Calderon; Hello PRI; Sorry Zetas: http://t.co/evPsFGnQ #
  • 2010 story of Los Zetas, most brutal of Mexican drug gangs, trained by US Military to oppose Chiapas freedom fighters http://t.co/GLewvXt9 #
  • RT @csoghoian: 300% increase in the use of wiretaps over the past 25 years is almost entirely due to the war on drugs. http://t.co/VE0s69c2 #
  • I could RT @csoghoian all day long. If you're concerned about privacy and surveillance, follow him & read his blog http://t.co/Grg606CO #
  • With plenty cops to harass demonstrators, enforce lowest-priority prohibition law, @SeattlePD to close precinct lobbies http://t.co/CvwCaAHl #
  • Latest update on the trial of @jebrennan, who dropped his clothes at PDX so TSA could look under them without X-rays http://t.co/zXZRzB4H #