Aug 052012
  • My friend observed Salal Credit Union's 3rd-party online banking service displaying targeted ads based on his financial transactions. #
  • Any suggestions for credit union with demonstrated understanding of and respect for privacy concerns surrounding online banking? #
  • Salal Credit Union in Seattle openly admits allowing 3rd party to data-mine member financial records for marketing #
  • Thom Hartmann interviews journalist Amber Lyon "Something is happening in Anaheim – Why the Media Blackout?" #
  • 9th Circuit: police using pepper spray on people for failure to disperse quickly enough violates 4th Amendment #
  • RT @ehasbrouck: Police pay $200K to settle lawsuit for illegal roadblock: #papersplease #DHS #
  • RT @aaronsw: NYCers: Please come to a talk I'm giving August 16 on "How We Stopped SOPA" #
  • Why is U.S. Department of Homeland Security issuing DMCA takedown notices to YouTube? #censorship #DHS #
  • Every year when I hear the Blue Angels practicing for Seafair, it makes me think of the North Koreans parading their tanks around. #