Aug 262012
  • Truth in this poster: RT @Anon_Central: Free Assange | #
  • Appeals court go-ahead for man suing over claim that forced prison work during pretrial detention was slavery: #
  • RT @newsycombinator: 6-8 Weeks Until Bitcoin Debit/Credit Card, says BitInstant #
  • Really makes me smile: Kshama Sawant took second place in WA Rep 43rd leg district as write-in candidate #
  • Sawant was on ballot against candidate in diff't district: J Pederson. So she can now choose where to run in general. She chose vs. Chopp. #
  • So we have a Socialist Alternative candidate opposing not just any Democrat, but foot-dragging, prohibitionist, Speaker of the House Chopp. #
  • Will mobile carrier Ting (@TingFTW) offer a "law enforcement portal" like Sprint's for easy snooping? #
  • I'm with @Xeni on this. Young Barack Obama's self-parody is far preferable to present-day real Barack Obama #
  • Obama admin open-sources petition Web app, gets bug report "Factual information in successful petitions is ignored" #