Mar 062013

On February 21, 2013, I conducted a brief, impromptu, interview with Monty E. Moss #5598 of the Seattle Police Department about security technology, policies, and procedures for the set of surveillance cameras the department recently began installing on Alki Beach in Seattle. Of particular interest are Moss’ belief that it is important to keep secret […]

Mar 052013

In no particular order, following are suggestions I’ve received from others about Seattle City Council Bill 117730, which would regulate the acquisition and use of certain surveillance equipment by municipal government.  I support all these.  (See also my initial thoughts on the bill.) Seattle Police Department have a history of poor management of video and […]

Mar 032013

On the agenda for the March 6, 2013, meeting of Seattle City Council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee is discussion of Council Bill 117730, which would regulate the acquisition and use of certain surveillance equipment by municipal government. I received a draft Friday and took some notes while reviewing it. Following is that […]

Oct 142012

Private prison company CCA spends $1.2MM/yr lobbying to expand criminal laws in an effort to keep demand up: # Rubber-stamper hits the road: RT @dominicholden: Kathryn Olson, Head of the SPD's Discipline Office, Will Resign # RT @ethannadelmann: Good analysis of Libertarian Party Gary Johnson's likely impact on the presidential election. # […]

Oct 072012

Day 17 of federal detention for anarchist witch hunt grand jury resisters # The Grand Jury the press keep telling us is investigating May Day vandalism convened in March: # May I never visit NYC again: RT @normative: Nine terrifying facts about America’s biggest police force #NYPD # US law allows disclosure […]

Sep 302012

Status update on my federal civil suit Mocek v. City of Albuquerque et al: New FAQ: # MT @ehasbrouck: State Dept admits impossible passport form illegal but still wants it approved: & # WTF? RT @csoghoian: FTC halts use of PC spyware by rental companies. Spying by DOJ and other US […]

Sep 232012

Seattle @MayorMcGinn budgets to install pupblic survillance cams w gunfire-detecting microphones # More good stuff from IA: RT @EFF: Search and borrow 350,000 news broadcasts with the @internetarchive's newest service # RT @joshgerstein: BREAKING: Appeals court judge temporarily lifts lower judge's order blocking indefinite detention law # I'm looking fwd to debates […]

Sep 162012

Cop sexually assaults woman, AZ judge slaps his wrist and tells victim she shouldn't have been at the bar # Inslee 4 governor! RT @dominicholden: Jay Inslee Says Obama Should Ignore DEA and Butt Out of Vote on Pot Legalization # MT @csoghoian: ACLU FOIA docs show some gov agencies working hard to […]

Sep 092012

More Occupy @ DNC than @ DNC: RT @will_potter: Looks like some protesters got out of their "free speech cages" at #DNC # RNC and DNC paid Tampa and Charlotte $50K – 100K per demonstrator to prep for their police state rallies # Unlike Tampa's, Charlotte's rights-infringing "extraordinary events" ordinance won't sunset post-convention […]

Sep 022012

Where can I find a map of "school zones" (1000' radius from each school) in Seattle, or better, in all of Washington? # Really want a map of schools and medical cannabis dispensaries in WA. Seems @Socrata could provide some useful data viz re: DEA letters. # There's this, but it seems to be broken […]