Aug 262012

Truth in this poster: RT @Anon_Central: Free Assange | # Appeals court go-ahead for man suing over claim that forced prison work during pretrial detention was slavery: # RT @newsycombinator: 6-8 Weeks Until Bitcoin Debit/Credit Card, says BitInstant # Really makes me smile: Kshama Sawant took second place in WA Rep 43rd […]

Aug 192012

.@Sprint demands 50% extra monthly for same service w/ diff't smartphones, support rep sup hung up on me when I balked # RT @dominicholden: New PAC Fighting Pot Legalization Initiative in WA # MT @csoghoian: 6th circuit: Gov can ping location of prepaid phones w/o warrant. // 25% of Americans use prepaid phones […]

Aug 132012

I have been a satisfied customer of Sprint for around 15 years.  I’ve been using a smartphone with their mobile service since shortly after the Palm Treo 600 was introduced in 2003. I recently acquired two Samsung SPH-D700’s (a.k.a., Epic 4G), and after flashing them with the alternative Android firmware Cyanogenmod, browsed to Sprint’s Website […]

Aug 122012

RT @ehasbrouck: The #TSA is a lawless agency and its checkpoints are a domestic counterpart of Guantanamo #papersplease # Please sign this petition to the White House for TSA to follow the law as directed in 2011 by federal court # Yikes! Reminds me that I need to tighten up a few things: […]

Aug 052012

My friend observed Salal Credit Union's 3rd-party online banking service displaying targeted ads based on his financial transactions. # Any suggestions for credit union with demonstrated understanding of and respect for privacy concerns surrounding online banking? # Salal Credit Union in Seattle openly admits allowing 3rd party to data-mine member financial records for marketing […]

Jul 292012

Mayor of Anaheim has demanded federal investigation after cops kill two people in two days # I watched live feeds of protests in Anaheim all evening. Looks like a war zone. # Familiar story out of Anaheim police chief following misconduct protests: some protesters appeared not to be residents # New report "Suppressing […]

Jul 222012

RT America interview with Occupy organizer whose home was raided last week by @SeattlePD seeking #AnarchistMaterials # MT @ioerror: Wondering what the NSA has been doing to Americans for the last decade? Read William Binney's sworn stmt: # Binney's statement from Jewell v. NSA indicates that the NSA is storing all personal communications […]

Jul 152012

Americans are more likely to die by being crushed by television sets or furniture than at the hands of terrorists # MT @HongPong: US Army MPs trained warning shot will not be fired, domestic detention (FEMAcamp style), warrantless srch # RT @normative: My analysis of the NYT report on the vast scale of […]

Jul 082012

Seems @SeattlePD are using their anemic internal investigations process to shield themselves from public investigations # MT @aaronsw: I've set up a new Tumblr for downtime incident postmortems, complete with the latest update from AWS: # More good reporting by Brendan Kiley on drug prohibition violence in Mexico. Goodbye Calderon; Hello PRI; Sorry […]

Jul 012012

Last night Seattle riot cops again deployed chemical weapons on demonstrators, seemingly for jaywalking /via @jseattle # Video from last night's @SeattlePD violent response to seemingly-peaceful demonstrators and # Video from 2012-06-19 of a @SeattlePD officer laughing about having broken his nightstick over someone's head #SPD2020 # Half the models @SeattlePD […]