Jun 242012

Head of US drug enforcement, Q'd by Rep Jared Polis, can't rank marijuana's danger among heroin's and methamphetamine's http://t.co/YtB4Mftx # Q: Is crack worse for a person than marijuana? A: I believe all illegal drugs are bad /by US Drug Enforcement Administrator Michele Leonhart #

Jun 102012

Accused leaker of documentation of US war crimes has been locked in a cage by USGovt for 2yrs without trial http://t.co/zPTujfWp # Judge finds 16 occupiers of abandoned Capitol Hill bldg weren't trespassing http://t.co/putdOcsw #OccupySeattle #OWS /via @Ansel # Impressive results from new method for vectorizing pixel art http://t.co/ZCXz9mie # MT @OccupyWallStNYC: Armed thugs broke […]

Jun 032012

Is the guarantee of a fair trial in USA gone? USGovt apparenly withholding evidence in Bradley Manning case http://t.co/0jG9hNe7 # RT @JuiceRapNews: New video: RapNews13 – A News Hope: http://t.co/0N0oaPbr (feat. #Assange #RupertMurdoch #BradleyManning #JuliaGillard) # RT @Timcast: China criticizes the US on its Human rights record, citing arrests at protests and internet restrictions http://t.co/zDFabCOH […]

May 272012

RT @Timcast: 4th person arrested on terror charges in Chicago #NATO #noNATO http://t.co/VOEfh6pc # RT @Lukewearechange: NBC story about our detainment http://t.co/0o2MN0Wb # Busloads of police arriving in downtown Chicago, snowplows lined up as barricades. @timcast's live video: http://t.co/ua5bm07x #NoNATO 12:50 # Report of last night's hit-and-run by Chicago Police and CPD/DHS detention of journalists […]

May 202012

San Diego Amtrak station: no train schedule posted, but entire vid screen dedicated to USGovt "see something, say something" scare campaign # Video shows @SeattlePD officer Stephen Smith #6829 lied about May Day arrest of photographer. Assault charges dropped http://t.co/Ch5Eb46H # Re: @SeattlePD reform: RT @dominicholden: Want to Leave a Great Legacy, Mayor McGinn? Stop […]

May 062012

US Govt claims assassination of Osama bin Laden a year ago, now claims records of the death are all lost: http://t.co/fiiUv9qQ /ht @aaronsw # Good May Day demonstration coverage by Greg Mitchell http://t.co/LbBXZbHa and by Kevin Gosztola http://t.co/7CiRkgEo #OWS #M1GS # Yet another bomb plot with explosives provided by FBI agents discovered, blamed on "anarchists" […]

Apr 292012

US court issued restraining order against City of Seattle, allowing 24-hour demonstration at Westlake Park http://t.co/ePALLDQS #freespeech # Last night, I slept in a city park, sandwiched in a tarp on the pavement. Spot the little First Amendment victory here: http://t.co/7vKEftqF # Proud of my friends who're volunteering to make this lawsuit happen. Unjust Seattle […]

Apr 222012

The Stranger reporters did a great live-blog of the pot legalization initiative debate we/CDC held at City Hall http://t.co/oSU43UQW #i502 # Seattle Central Community College student paper catches president Kilpatrick in lies about the effect of Occupy Seattle http://t.co/VbKCgRl8 #

Apr 152012

Nice infographic about the US Transportation Security Administration http://t.co/xpnk9dQ7 #tsa # YES PLEASE! Plans for privacy-protecting ISP & wireless carrier incapable of complying w/ FBI reqs http://t.co/T8Abq2gh /via @WAPirateParty #