Apr 082012

I hear that there's a gunman on the loose in Oakland, and the police there are busy assisting w/ a DEA raid of Oaksterdam University. # Yikes: "Forget SOPA, You Should Be Worried About This Cybersecurity Bill" http://t.co/W2SuQwQg /via @sfmnemonic @techdirt # Same day Curveball admits US justification for war was a lie, NPR calls […]

Apr 012012

With impending DOJ crackdown, Seattle City Attorney reports Police Guild president's "de-policing" threats http://t.co/eJWtNbrR # Seattle @MayorMcGinn and @SeattleCouncil want to allow police to proactively film lawful demonstrations. SPD 20/20 plan http://t.co/AsDdrNDv #

Mar 252012

Nice work: http://t.co/4rRc79vH purchase & publish misc copyrighted standards that have been accepted as law http://t.co/8XTtHhrd # Seattle police officer found not guilty of assault for kicking man in the head while he lay handcuffed on the ground http://t.co/X24od4T3 #

Mar 182012

#OccupySeattle trial of #Chase5 began today in Seattle Municipal Court. Audio of lunchtime press conference: http://t.co/48Nc5yiK # Very happy to hear jury unanimously found the #OccupySeattle #Chase5 not guilty today in Seattle Muni Court. #jurynullification #

Mar 112012

Power out at my office in Pioneer Square / SODO, and also over in Chinatown. Seattle City Light reports no outages. http://t.co/KGoEliOn # Power just returned at 1st and King 2:15pm March 9 #seattle #outage #

Mar 042012

Whoa– US House passed bill to outlaw protests at Secret-Service-covered events http://t.co/KXsYRkJB /via @YourAnonNews @bobblakley # Only no votes on HR 337 were Ron Paul (TX), Broun (GA), and Amash (MI) http://t.co/2xiLjf6D What were you thinking, @RepJimMcDermott? # Raspberry Pi, a tiny ARM-based Linux computer, 256MB, USB, Ethernet, HDMI & composite video, is now available […]

Jan 222012

Obama Press Sec'y refuses to say whether #NDAA allows indefinite detention of US citizens http://t.co/1OLItGaz /via @JasonLeopold # Eric Rachner settles his civil suit with City of Seattle over 2008 false arrest by the ever-out-of-control @SeattlePD: http://t.co/EWY9Z1o2 #

Jan 082012

Help make U.S. drug policy history: RT @NewApproachWA: Job (Seattle): Fundraising Director http://t.co/e4ozrwWr # 14 Senators introed bill to undo indefinite detention of Americans thru #NDAA Tell yours to join: http://t.co/v6rhU8Ar /via @demandprogress # I'll attend: Non-violent civil disobedience training today 3-5pm 814 NE 40th St in Seattle #occupyseattle #